A review by Celine Chiam

This post came slightly late, but all for a valid reason. I have been very devoted to TheFaceInc’s skincare regime for almost more than 1 month now and I’m still diligently sticking to it, partly because it really helps to tame my skin. My skin is known to have really dry forehead, which leads to clogging due to excessive sebum produced. I’ve also been traveling (namely to Taiwan and Bangkok), and I’m surprised my face didn’t go as bad as I thought!
If you recall, I was previously sponsored by DRx and no doubt I love their skincare range. As much as the doctors from DRx prescribe the right products suited for your face and skin problems, you’ll be happy to know that TheFaceInc offers exactly the same thing, at a cheaper prices since no consultation fee is involved!
An online consultation will be however conducted with a virtual doctor, Dr Rei. You simply answer a few questions online and viola! A full set of skincare range is prescribed to you.
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