Her World Aug 2015

The Face Inc was featured on Her World August 2015.
BRINGING THE DOCTOR TO YOU. A unique service from The Face Inc takes skincare shopping to the next level. It’s like having a dermatologist and doctor-prescribed skincare at your fingertips. Often, we are unable to accurately pinpoint the causes of our skin issues. We may assume, for instance that a shiny complexion is due to oily skin when it could very well be caused by over-exfoliation or even dry skin. Consequently, it’s tricky getting the right skincare. And this is why we enlist the help of dermatologists or GPs with an interest in aesthetic medicine, they help diagnose our skin condition and recommend the right skincare. Regular visits to these experts, though, are costly and time-consuming.
MEET THE DIGITAL SKIN EXPERT. So this is where Dr Rei, The Face Inc’s digital skin doctor at www.thefaceinc.com/experience comes in. Read more in the latest issue of Her World magazine.