Lighten & Brighten

With cumulative exposure to sunlight, our skin tone changes and appears darker as adults. While you can return your skin to its original, lighter shade, you cannot completely change your skin’s color. With the correct protection and treatment, you can return your skin to a shade equal or closer to its original, much-lighter shade.

When treatments aim to lighten skin, the objective is usually to return it to a healthier, pre-sun-and-light-exposed shade, which also means free of uneven patches and dark spots that can accumulate over time. Tyrosinase inhibitors are active ingredients that aim to block the enzyme that begins the process of melanin production, exactly what our Lightener has.

To brighten skin is to usually impart a vibrant, natural radiance to skin that can be lost as older, dead skin cells adhere to the surface of the skin. Our convenient leave-on Exfoliant, with AHAs present, not only exfoliate dead skin, but improves skin tone and texture while BHAs prevent pimples and pores from clogging allowing for new cell growth and a brighter looking complexion.