The Face Inc formulations boast higher concentrations of active ingredients than other over-the-counter beauty products, and are created to deliver a myriad of benefits in a streamlined four-step skincare ritual of Clear, Correct, Rejuvenate and Protect.

Formulated to complement one another to deliver the best results, each product category in the brand’s four-step routine is colour-coded according to their range, to allow customers to customize a skincare regime, personalised to their specific needs.


CLEAR – First Steps to Skincare
Cleansing and toning are important steps in any skincare regime. Products in the CLEAR range are meant to prepare the skin for further treatment. The use of cleanser and toner is to remove surface lipid film so that the skin is most receptive to corrective and restorative agents to be applied subsequently.

• Cleansing Milk
• Cleansing Gel
• Active Toner


CORRECT – Barrier Booster
Every product in the CORRECT range is proprietary and made to restore specific skin conditions. The high active ingredient contents ensure multiple times in terms of efficacy and results versus conventional counter products. Depending on the specific condition and severity, one or more products would be administered to provide a necessary resolution for the targeted skin concern.

• Blemish Essence
• Blemish Concentrate
• Acne Treatment
• Cell Renewal
• Lightener
• Anti Aging Serum
• Eye Serum
• Exfoliant
• Eye Lift *
• Primer Mist *
• Anti-Aging Micro-Needle *

Award Winning Best Sellers *


REJUVENATE – Hydration Hero
Products in the REJUVENATE range are formulated to promote good skin health, through active ingredients that prevent collagen breakdown and stimulate its production. This range can be viewed somewhat as maintenance, whereby nourishment is being provided for good skin health. The products close up the repair phase and keep the complexion in its bright and clear state.

• Collagen Boost
• Moisturiser
• Anti-Oxidant


PROTECT – Everyday Essentials
Sun damage is the cause of many skin conditions, and it is mandatory in all skincare regimes to fend off UV and photodamage. Physical sunscreen products in the PROTECT range are made to provide maximum protection against these harmful rays, with its broad-spectrum UVA and UVB blocking capabilities. This prevents the onset and recurrence of skin conditions.

• UV Defense SPF50 Tinted
• UV Defense SPF50 Non-Tinted