Our Team

The Management Team

The Face Inc Group has in place highly effective human capital in pivotal business functions, and strongly believes in recruiting the best talents for the organization.
Mr Wilson Goh is the Managing Partner of The Face Inc Group. He was educated in prestigious institutions in Singapore, and graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Economics. Prior to establishing The Face Inc, Wilson has vast experience working in the healthcare industry, having worked in some of the largest healthcare companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Novartis. In addition, as Chief Operating Officer of one of the largest aesthetic skincare companies in Singapore, he played a vital role in the building of the company to attract venture capitalist acquisition.
The Face Inc is a distinct departure from typical aesthetic services; it provides skincare products that make a difference. Under Wilson’s leadership, the brand has expanded operations from Singapore to China, Hong Kong and Malaysia in less than six months. He is currently spearheading the group’s expansion into Europe, Middle East and other parts of Asia.

Dr Jason Yip is the Medical Director of The Face Inc Group; and is a renowned personality in the field of aesthetics and dermatology. He began his successful aesthetics journey with the biggest aesthetic dermatology centre in Malaysia in 2010. Dr Yip was then earmarked to head the Malaysian counterpart of The DRx Clinic, the largest aesthetic group in Singapore, as their Medical Director in 2012. Currently Dr Yip runs his own private practice in Malaysia.
Dr Yip actively participates in international aesthetic medicine and dermatology conferences, and is regularly featured in the media and various publications and newspapers. He is highly sought after for his opinion in the field of aesthetic medicine and also conducts workshops to train doctors on Botox and fillers. He is one of the trainers for Allergan, the creator of Botox and Juvederm. Dr Yip firmly believes that even with the myriad of aesthetic treatments in the market, having a good skincare routine with top quality products is still the most important step in having beautiful skin. He is primarily responsible for product development for The Face Inc Group.

Ms Jasmine Laurens is the General Manager of The Face Inc Group; she is responsible for operational efficiency, as well as sales and marketing effectiveness. Jasmine has over fifteen years of franchise management, merchandising and retail operations experience, with an impeccable track record with DFS Group, The Planet Traveller and Planet Hollywood. With her wealth of experience, she leads the go-to-market strategies for the group regionally and globally, and identifies opportunities across different markets.
Jasmine is actively involved in trade-related conferences, and is well connected to influential individuals in the retail field. Her job focus is on short term revenue streams, as well as long term brand building for the group.

The Professional Affairs Manager of The Face Inc Group, Ms Wenda Tan has numerous years of experience in regulatory affairs and dermatology. She graduated from Australia with a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Pharmacy. Wenda prides herself for keeping up to date with regulatory standards, and maintains the necessary Product Information File (PIF) required by the health authorities in the respective countries. She designs training modules and protocols specific to the brand’s wide range of products, and conducts training for regional partner sales associates.

Wenda works closely with the rest of the team to organize brand workshops and seminars to educate consumers on proper skincare. She is responsible for all external communications pertaining to product queries, and heads the regulatory function.