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In recent years, there is a trend of customized skincare solutions tailored to your specific needs in town. We have heard of all those big names and seen beauty lovers rushing over to the clinics, making appointment and seeing skin doctors for their customized prescription.

How would you like it if I were to tell you there is an option for you, to skip those long queues, forget about traveling long journeys and omit the long waiting time now?

I’m not kidding you. Dr Rei operates 24/7 digitally, at The Face Inc and can do your consultation online. Through answering a few lifestyle and skin concerns questions, you can obtain your very own prescription to your skin woes. Add these products to the shopping cart and you’ll soon receive your own personalized products at your door.

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Jan 20th, 2019

Aug 28th, 2017

Oct 24th, 2016